Professional Martial Arts training for Beginners

Adults program

The “John Taylor’s Kyokushin Karate” Adult Program provides a great opportunity for adults to be more physically fit; to develop both self-defence awareness and self-defence skill; to maintain a healthy, positive outlook…and to have a great time with other people who also enjoy these pursuits!

The first of our three components is Self-Defence. We teach our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques and self-defence strategy.

Our second component is physical fitness. At the adult level, we work on muscle strength and toning; regaining flexibility and coordination; and developing stamina. These important fitness qualities will help you avoid illness; give you more energy as you go through your day; and more reserve at the end of the day, to do the things you enjoy doing!

Our third component is actually the most popular…and the most powerful.We call it the “Lifestyle” component. That is the way that we teach the attitude skills of Kyokushin Karate: self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, perseverance, courage, and the ability to set and reach powerful goals. As our instructors help you learn these skills, you will find yourself, improving your ability to get along with other people while staying focused, motivated and able to move outside your “comfort zone,” into the “achievement zone.” Reducing your current level of stress

Children’s Karate classes

Dear Parents,

Where your children are concerned – this may be the most important letter you’ve read in a long time.

Let me ask you — have you ever found yourself:

1. Concerned about your child’s level of self-control?
2. Wishing your child had greater ability to listen…to focus?
3. Wondering, painfully, if your son or daughter has the self-esteem it takes to be successful? Of course, you are not alone. – But what if I were to tell you that, your children can develop the skills that it takes to be Healthy, Happy, and Confident

No fancy theories, or big words, either…just good old-fashioned common sense.

The Hanshi Taylor’s “Kyokushin Karate” Children’s Program does teach children how to defend themselves…but not in the hard-core, violent way you might imagine. We teach our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques and self-defence strategy.

We also teach body language concepts to our students. Things related to body posture, eye contact, and voice. Things that are designed to give your child a confident appearance…an appearance that communicates, “I am a good person.” and, importantly, “I am not a person you can shove around.”

Our second area of emphasis is physical fitness. We develop fundamental athletic skills. Important skills like coordination, flexibility, and body balance. Skills that are required for baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf…but usually aren’t taught very well. They are simply expected. If you have them, you do well. But if you don’t, you’re left behind. But the fact is, those skills are teachable and when we develop them in our classroom, it just sends the kids back to the ball fields or to the gym class — not only more capable, but also more confident in that environment.

The 3rd component, however, is our big area. It represents our uniqueness… and also what parents like best about our program. That is the way that we teach the attitude skills of the Martial Arts. The self-control, self-confidence, the positive thinking. The listening skills, the respect, and the good manners. The ability to focus attention, blocking out distractions. The perseverance and the courage and, what is really powerful about our program is that it does not just teach our students about these skills. They actually experience these important skills in our class and they are taught how to apply these skills when they are away from karate club. So, academically, socially, and within the home, our students are empowered to perform at higher levels. What makes it work, what holds all three parts together, is just that it’s so much fun. The instructors are really great people.


We strongly encourage all karate students to participate in tournaments There is no doubt that tournament improve student’s karate ability.

Why? Here are a few of the benefits:

1. Tournaments teach the students how to react to pressure, a great attribute in today’s society.
2. Tournaments give the students the confidence to handle difficult situations
3. Tournaments take the student out of their comfort zone, a whole new experience and valuable experience for many people.
4. Tournaments teach the karate students how to handle confrontational situations, another must in today’s society

Have you ever thought about going into a karate tournament? Have you ever wondered if a technique would work on someone who wasn’t expecting it? Are you tired of sparring the same people time after time until you know when they are going to do before they do? Do you enjoy meeting new people and watching how others fight? Do you enjoy watching some of the best fighters in the country fight and perform and then get your own chance to compete against them? Would you like the chance to exercise your own powers of creativity and show yourself what you can do? Then tournaments are for you. Be careful though, it’s a little known fact that they are addictive.

For those people who are just starting their tournament experience congratulations, you are going to have a lot of fun and more importantly; you are going to learn quite a lot not only about your karate skills but yourself as well. Even if you do not win, you get much more. You get an opportunity to pit your skill and talents against your contemporaries. Tournament experience also lets you know what techniques are working for you and which ones you need to work on.

Each year in New South Wales we hold the New South Wales Individual Championships, the New South Wales team Championships and the Australian championships. Both are equally valuable to you in your pursuit of karate excellence. Tournaments are in categories so that each person has not only a chance to win, but gain valuable experience along the way. As well a the Non contact tournament we Australian Kyokushin Karate Association hold Full-Contact tournaments for adults. While the full contact tournament may seem daunting, the grade and weight divisions ensure that no one is outclassed and each and every competitor has an opportunity to test their skills and even win. Some fighters enjoy both the Non-Contact and the Full-Contact events and subsequently enter both, however for the most part fighters choose between one of the two events.